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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blessing Dance

Cambodian Blessing Dance (or Robam Choun Por in Khmer language) is a Khmer traditional dance from the repertoire of Cambodian classical ballet to mark special holidays in cambodia . This dance is performed by a group of young Khmer girls to wish good health, happiness, prosperity and success. The blessing dance was first performed in Cambodia to rid the royal palace of evil spirits and bless the royal kingdom.  Today it is performed to bless events and welcome guests.  

The dance features graceful and elegant movements, holding golden goblets. Inside the goblets are flower blossoms. The blossoms are symbolic representations of blessings from the gods. As the dancers pluck the blossoms from the goblets and gently toss them forward toward the audience, the gesture symbolizes the blessings of the gods falling upon the audience.

Eight year old Shrey Noy says she loves dancing because she has been wished to be a dancer when she was 5 years old.  She added, “One day I watched TV show and saw beautiful girls performed classical dance. They all so beauty and the movement of their dancing performance are graceful and made me fascinated in it.”  I told my mum that I would like to learn how to dance so that when I was 6 years old my mum sent me to both school dancing school and Literature school.
Vandy, 10 years old tells her experience. "I felt a bit nervous during my first performance since i never get a lot of exposure before."  She added that her parents appreciate with what she has been doing and so proud of her.
Shrey Noch, 12 years old also said that as a Khmer native, it’s her duty to keep the great traditions if classical Khmer dance.  

Ms. Samourn, 40 years old had 6 children, Three of them are performers of the said classical dance.Two daughters are classical dancer and a son is traditional dancer.  She added, “I encourage not only my children but also other young people should be learn how to dance and let’s keep our Khmer tradition culture.”

Mr. Vothy, 42 years old added, that his wife is classical dancer.  He first met her after her dancing performance show. 


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